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My wife Anna and I were put on a mission by Yahweh. We were inspired to SOAR towards our created purpose. For me the mission is simple and yet heavy. Inspire others to Live Life Sacred. We heard the words, drop EVERYTHING so you can soar for my glory. So that is just what we did. We have sold or given away most of our belongings, moved out of a 3,000+ square foot home and ask ABBA daily for our daily bread.

My wife left her "job" so that she could do the work that the Father has inspired in her which is to help others overcome for His glory. We went from two incomes to barely one. We currently are in need of a camper as this is what we believe we have been called to do in this season of our life to assist towards fulfilling our created purpose. Seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven.

The SOAR design expresses the essence of where we are. An eagle soaring on Yahweh's word to fulfill His mission. The proceeds from these shirt sales will provide my wife and I and our 6 children with a safe place to live while we build what He has called each one of us to do for His glory.

Will You will help us work for His kingdom? The answer is simple...that power is in your hands. Blessings!


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