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The Great Flood | Noah's Ark

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If Elohim told you to build a massive Ark, would you build it? Well, Noah listened and built the biggest boat in the world. Even though he didn't understand what Elohim (Yahweh) had planned, Noah had faith that the Father would keep His promise and preserve him and his family through the flood. Join Noah and thousands of animals on board the Ark as they survive crashing waves, disappearing mountains, thunderous rainstorms and exploding geysers in the wildest storm the world has ever seen!


  • Finished size: 180 x 235mm Landscape
  • Spine Width: 3mm 
  • Material:  COVER: Impress Satin 300gsm, Gloss Laminate\Text: Digital Satin 130gsm
  • Printing: COVER: Printed Digital Colour two sides and Gloss Laminated one side 40pp Text Printed Digital Colour throughout.
  • Finishing:  Perfect bound trimmed to size

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