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 Sacred Apparel is owned by Twink & Anna Johnson. We are a husband and wife team who currently reside in Texas. Yahweh called us on an exciting and amazing mission to motivate and inspire others to live a life that reflects His glory. We have also been inspired to call those of the FAITH to join us on this mission.

The vision for Sacred Apparel came in October 2005 and it was officially up and running in 2006. We have learned so much along the way. One recent discovery, revealed to us by the Father, was that we had been treating Sacred Apparel (inspired by Him) as a “business” instead of a ministry. We failed to capture His calling on our lives in our clothing line. We thank Yahweh for giving us revelation, and an opportunity to do His mission. True vision comes from the Father, and we cannot begin to thank Him enough for this opportunity. With the new mission, everything had to be redefined. So we closed, re-branded, and re-launched.

We've been called to educate others in what it means to be Sacred and live life sacred. We learned that most of us did not have an understanding of what “sacred” means or what it means to be set apart. We have no idea on how to reflect this in our lives.

Sacred Apparel is on a mission to redefine what is Sacred, and what Sacred really means. We see this as taking ground for our Father’s Kingdom. So, we are utilizing our apparel, podcast, videos, and other platforms to support this mission. 

Sacred Apparel will continue to provide a clothing line that believers can wear proudly — knowing who and what we stand for while encouraging people to LIVE LIFE SACRED. Once again, we cannot begin to explain how exciting this opportunity is. We hope you will join us on this mission that others might find the Sacred way.

Many Blessings to you and your homes!
Twink and Anna Johnson




  Twink is the co-owner of Sacred Apparel. He is the Father of 8 children (yes …. 8), ranging from ages 1-25. Twink has always been an advocate of awesome and extraordinary gear and music. His passion for the two, along with the inspiration from Yahweh is what inspired him to create Sacred Apparel, which led to SA Mixtapes, which later led to Sacred Printing, Sacred Merch and his becoming president of the record label YNJ Entertainment.

Through Sacred Apparel, Twink has had the opportunity to sponsor and work with many people. As time passed, he became more and more stressed and stretched between the companies. However, he never lost his passion for designing and music. He struggled with balancing his time between homeschooling his children, spending time with his wife and children and the businesses. After years of successfully running the four companies, he was inspired by a vision from Yahweh in September 2014. He was led to focus solely on Sacred  Apparel. Twink could not agree more. After phasing out the other companies, he has strictly focused and placed complete energy in Sacred Apparel only. Sacred Apparel has now relaunched with a brand new vision, mission, and is the #1 Inspirational & Motivational Urban Streetwear brand. Please join Twink as he continues to discover what sacred is.


 Anna is a wife, a mother, and a counselor. Most importantly, she is a dedicated servant of the Most High. Anna is the wife of Twink and is the co-owner of Sacred Apparel. She and her husband share eight children. Their children range from ages 21 to 3. Anna enjoys writing, reading, public speaking, and inspiring others to transform their lives for the better. When she is not busy being a wife and mother, she helps believers overcome their struggles through her practice Sacred Life Coaching.

Anna is always looking for ways to improve her life, the lives of those she love, and those that she serve. She has recently been inspired to utilize Sacred Apparel as an outlet to inspire others to not only change their attire, but to transform their thinking and lifestyle to reflect the Glory of the Most High. Her most recent mission the Father has put her on is helping believers overcome their struggles. If you could use her assistance in overcoming a challenge or would like here to speak at an event please feel free to book a free 30min session with her below.



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