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From being fired from over 16 jobs, to selling drugs, to meeting and marrying a licensed clinical therapist, to being  homelessness with 6 kids, Twink has managed to still be Sacred.

Hurling from the streets of North Carolina, I was eager to leave my past and start a new life.

I've always been a lover of fashion, and wanted to create a brand that didn't transcend only style, but also inspired individuals who wanted to serve God but yet continued to fall short.  

Even though in the beginning the path to starting Sacred Apparel wasn't straightforward, it morphed into becoming a beacon of hope and empowerment for people who struggle with who they are in Christ.

While our focus remains on reminding individuals of their sacredness and aiding believers in overcoming personal struggles, Sacred Apparel strives to remain a premium urban streetwear brand for believers to wear as a testament to Live Life Sacred.

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